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HE Student Voice

Our Higher Education (HE) students are encouraged to contribute towards the continuous improvement of our HE programmes and study environment.

There are a variety of ways you can get in touch and give feedback and suggestions, including: 

Become a HE Student Rep

At Kendal College, each group of Higher Education students elect a class representative (Rep) to give annual feedback directly to Kendal College's Management Team every November. Topics may include anything from employability skills and IT support to wellbeing and College facilities. Reps are also invited to the College's School Learner Voice and the Student Council meetings, which take place once per term. If you are interested in becoming a HE Student Rep, please let your tutor know at the start of the year. 

HE Forum

Kendal College's HE Forum is open to all HE students and meets in autumn and spring.

Heads of School Visits

Kendal College's Heads of School visit all HE groups to discuss courses, gather feedback and update students on developments. 

Annual HE Research

Kendal College conducts a number of College surveys each year, inviting our students to give feedback confidentially.

Self Assessment Review (SAR)

In the past, our HE students have attended the validation of the cross-college SAR. Student representatives are also invited to the Higher Education Standards and Quality Group. If you are interested in being involved in these types of forums, full training and support is provided. All issues requiring actions are added to an appropriate College action plan, which is monitored by the Principal, Director of Curriculum and Quality or the Head of School. Progress on these actions are reported at the meetings and via the College's ‘You Said, We Did’ project. 

The Student Council

The Student Council is affiliated with the NUS (National Union of Students) and our HE students are given the opportunity to attend national NUS conferences. We also encourage our students to set up their own events and manage student-run projects. Last year, two students went on a fully-paid trip to the NUS Annual Conference in Liverpool. The Student Coucil also meet weekly to plan lunchtime clubs and awareness raising days.

Email us feedback

You can contact the College Management directly through the 'Your Voice’ on The Hub.