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A-level Photography offers an ideal pathway for students wishing to pursue a career in media, the arts, pure photography or related areas. You will complete the AS-level in the first year and the A2 in the second to form a full A-level.

Photography offers a rewarding and challenging area in which to work and nationally there has been a growing interest in studying the subject, reflecting an increased awareness of the role of images and the media in the world today. This course reflects the diverse nature of photography as a medium and explores areas ranging from social documentary, portraiture and location work to fashion and digital skills. Prior knowledge or experience of Photography is not essential.

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What will I learn?

The following will be covered:

- A range of photographic media, techniques and processes, using both digital and traditional technologies.
- How ideas, feeling and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted through images and artefacts.
- Historical and contemporary developments.
- Different styles and genres.
- The social, environmental and cultural contexts, time and place, in which photographic works were created.

You will be required to work in one or more area(s) of Photography, such as:
Portraiture, landscape photography (urban, rural and or/coastal environments), still-life photography (human artefacts, or objects or from the natural world), documentary photography, photo journalism, experimental imagery, photographic installation, video, television and film. You could also explore where these areas overlap, or combinations of these areas.

There will be opportunities to visit photographic exhibitions, locally and nationally, on a London residential trip, to expose you to current issues and trends. We also offer work experience, providing you with an opportunity to work alongside professional photographers.

You will have the opportunity to be exhibited at the College’s prestigious end of year Summer Exhibition, with a private viewing in front of art, design and photography professionals, and there are even opportunities to become involved with a number of “live” commercial projects, commissioned throughout the year.

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How will I be assessed?

Assessment of course work is based on clearly defined criteria at each stage, through 4 mandatory units; 2 at AS (Year One), and 2 at A2 (Year Two).

Unit 1 - AS unit 1 is portfolio of work set and marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.

Unit 2 - AS unit 2 is an externally set assignment. It is produced in supervised conditions over 5 hours and will be marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.

Unit 3 - A2 unit 3 is a personal investigation supported by written element of 1000-3000 words, set and marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.

Unit 4 - A2 unit 4 is an externally set assignment. It is produced in timed conditions over 15 hours. Work produced will be marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.

Your work will be assessed through a combination of observation and evaluation of practical outcomes, research, development and analysis of projects and written evaluations of finished projects. Verbal and written feedback is integrated at each stage.

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Career Opportunities

An A-level Photography qualification can enable you to progress to Higher Education either through the College’s 1 year Foundation in Art, Design & Photography, or through direct application to HNC/D and BA Degree courses in Photography.

The qualification also provides a platform to progress into the creative industries in a number of different ways; there are great benefits to having practical and creative skills and knowledge in photography within the design, graphics and advertising industries and many web-based creative careers where photography skills are highly valued.

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Entry requirements

Students applying to study AS/A2 Photography will have 5 GCSEs at grade C and above, including a Grade C or above in English Language.

You should also ideally have a Grade C or above in GCSE Art and Design, GCSE Photography, or another art related subject; applicants without these qualifications can still apply, providing they can demonstrate relevant experience and commitment to the study of photography at interview.

A portfolio of photographic (or art and design) related work will be required by all applicants.

If you would like to study this course part-time, please contact the A-Level tutor:
Dave Willis:

If you would like to study a full-time programme of A-levels, please complete a full-time application form.

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Please note: If you are an adult student you may be entitled to financial support to cover the cost of your course, dependent on your circumstances. Please contact Student Services on for details. More about Student Finance.

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