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History A-Level

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09:00 - 10:30

A-Level History is fascinating and is well respected by employers and universities as a challenging academic subject.

History is quite simply the study of the past. There is of course rather a lot of past to discover and learn about as the past itself is infinitely complicated. Even looking at a period which on the face of it looks simple, can yield surprises. There are many specialisms within history, for instance social, archaeological, military or political history, and for those of you who go on to study history in higher education history, A level History will give you not only the qualification but also the analytical skills, critical methods and mind-set which you will need to do well.

The A level course at Kendal College looks both at the Tudors and the Cold War, covering the sufficient breadth and depth of history the A level requires. Students will query the conspiracy theories of the Cold War, and compare them to potential conspiracies today, discerning the truth from fiction whilst considering how close a game of brinkmanship brought the human race to disaster. Students will also discover how Henry VII created the Tudor Dynasty consolidating the power of the crown despite a relatively weak dynastic claim, why the oft held view of Henry VIII as a womaniser is not necessarily the truth and what Elizabeth I really wore and used as make up.

Study commences 2018 for the AQA syllabus AS level and A level examinations, and students may elect to be entered for both. It is taught at Kendal College by Daniel Millican, a solicitor with a post graduate qualification from the University of Oxford with a particular interest in both Cold War and Tudor history.

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Career Opportunities

Reading history can help students develop vital analytical skills which may lead to a career in education, law, or management to name but a few. The subject is valued in business as a tool for analysis, in the armed forces as a critical topic for strategists, in the police as a topic which teaches investigatory prowess and amongst commodity traders for if you hope to predict the future you need to study the past!

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Entry requirements

Strong GCSE in English and preferably History (Grade 6 and above).

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