Fashion Pattern Cutting for Beginners

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18:00 - 21:00

Over the six weeks students will learn Pattern Cutting skills for making clothes.

During the Fashion Pattern Cutting for Beginners course you’ll study different processes and techniques for making clothes, looking at different ways to research, evaluate, and construct different garments. The idea of the course is to develop an understanding of how garments are made and how to draft patterns for original garments.

Students will be required to research garment design, create a basic block to their own body measurements and learn specific techniques for pattern drafting to make clothes - which will be the starting point of understanding what goes into generating original Fashion ideas.

The course is suitable for beginners, it is a short fast-paced introduction and is a technical subject so will require a practical hands-on approach.

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What will I learn?

This course will cover:

- Research to generate ideas
- Creating an original body block to own measurements
- Practical pattern cutting techniques
- Toile making
- Developing a creative pattern cutting approach
- Exploring techniques to make your garments unique
- Research clothing design and manufacturing techniques
- Create original patterns for a range of garments
- Apply a variety of Pattern cutting and garment manufacturing skills
- Have a basic understanding of what goes into designing and making clothes

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How will I be assessed?

This course has no formal assessment, although detailed feedback will be given to you as part of the process.  You can request a Kendal College certificate of attendance if you would like one upon completion of the programme.

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Career Opportunities

Courses that you may like to progress onto include:

- Fashion Design for Beginners

- Sewing for Fashion Design, An Introduction

- Saturday Craft Club

- Full time Level 2 or 3 Art and Design

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Entry requirements

No previous experience is needed.

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Adult fees


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