Business and Professional Administration, Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship

The level 4 business administration and professional is designed to allow learners to gain:

- a practiced and complex set of skills including leading and managing a range of defined business administrative functions.

- occupational competence in business administrative roles that include responsibility and autonomy for managing others, improving business performance and resolving administrative problems.

It is suitable for people working in such fields as:

- office manager
- executive assistant
- business development officer
- project manager
- administration team

12 Taught sessions will run throughout the programme to allow you to develop knowledge and understanding.

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What will I learn?

You will develop knowledge related to business administration systems, communicating in a business, managing information and knowledge, project management and managing self-development.

The programme will also include developing knowledge related to human resource management, marketing, stakeholder engagement and management, operational planning and customer service management.

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How will I be assessed?

There will be two forms of assessment used within the programme to assess both competency and knowledge. You will develop an online portfolio using evidence developed in the workplace. Other knowledge will be assessed via assignment work and exams.

As part of the apprenticeship framework, reviews are completed every 12 weeks by the Assessor where progress is discussed by the learner, assessor and employer.

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Career Opportunities

Progression opportunities include the Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in Management & Leadership, Foundation Degrees in areas such as business, business management, and business administration and a range of business and management undergraduate programmes.

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Entry requirements

You must be working in a capacity that will allow you to gain experience within a workplace setting to support the development evidence for your portfolio.  You must also hold a relevant Maths and English qualification at level 1-2, this can include key or functional skills.

You must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours a week in the professional area that your Apprenticeship is in. Looking for Employment? See below for what to do next…

- Apply for this apprenticeship.  We can then support you to find employment and prepare your job application.

- Register your details with the National Apprenticeship Matching Service (NAS) and search online for vacancies at

- Check the College’s website page regularly (sometimes employers only want to recruit locally and so they advertise on our website and not the NAS website):

- Make sure your CV is up to date and is relevant to the job industry you are applying to.

Adult fees


Please note: If you are an adult student you may be entitled to financial support to cover the cost of your course, dependent on your circumstances. Please contact Student Services on for details. More about Student Finance.

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