Massage and Holistic Services

  • Massage and Holistic Services

  • Reflexology


    A complementary therapy that works on various acupressure points in the feet to promote a state of wellbeing and healing

  • Indian Head Massage


    A treatment working on the top of the back, neck, head, arms and face to relieve stress and tension. A good treatment for clients who find it hard to lie down, as it can be done sitting up. 

  • Hot Stone Massage


    A technique using smooth warm basalt stones to ease muscle tension and aid relaxation. 

  • Swedish Body Massage

    Full Body £15.00 Back £10.00

    A combination of various massage techniques to relieve areas of tension and to induce relaxation.  

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Full Body £20.00

    A massage tailored to your needs using an individual blend of aromatherapy oils. Working on easing tension through aromatherapy, and creating a deep state of relaxation.